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Exclusive massages

Tibetan Aromatherapy Massage

Warm, rich blend of minerals from Tibet. Dead Sea salts and aromatic essential oils are combined with massage inspired by orient. Detoxifying effect is immediate but the heavenly experience of the ritual will last long time.

Duration: 60 min – 70 €


Lomi-Lomi massage

Hawaiian massage “Lomi – Lomi” is an exotic massage technique based on a Polynesian healing system. Smooth, flowing movements in the massage resemble graceful dance. In the course of the massage is complete recovery of the body on physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual levels. It is bright toning body treatment accompanied by ethnic music and involving the use of essential aroma oils. It activates metabolism, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and function of the cardiovascular system. In addition, active perception, and is released from the old emotions, “recorded” in a solid figure, opening the way energy exchange, increase creativity. Thoughts are clear and positive, a person filled with love and come to terms with the outside world.
Duration: 60 min – 60 €
Duration: 90 min – 75 €