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Narva mnt 59, Tallinn – Vaata kaarti

Spa-Ritual “Thousand and one nights”

Service for women and men
Duration: 1 h 50 min

Ritual awakens wonderful world. Royal textures and smells that are uplifting and ennobling tel. In this impossible to believe. The ritual relieves stress, relaxes, nourishes and eliminates dead cells, cleans pores and nourishes your skin with oxygen.

    • Steaming in the sauna

      Steaming in the sauna with aromatic herbs and fruit infusions.

    • Exfoliation

      After a stay in the sauna pores open, it helps to prepare your skin for deep cleansing.

    • Moroccan Body care with Rassoul

      Moroccan clay extracted only in the Atlas Mountains. It is a purifying volcanic rock that eastern women are used to treat skin. She has strong absorbent and mineralized quality. Moroccan secret is in the clay added 8 plants (rosemary, lavender, myrtle, clove, nettle, and rose, moss and lavender essential oil). Draw the clay on the entire body and you can enjoy a few minutes on warm marble.

    • Head Massage

      Meanwhile, slow movements do head massage, which returns you the power, strength and youth. Working on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders, while you sink into a state of rest, increasing lymph flow, improves immune system, stimulates nerve endings.

    • Aromatherapy body massage

      Caring “atmospheric” type of massage, when your skin will receive intense hydration. Due to this high-quality massage and aromatic oils you can rely on time in an atmosphere of oriental palace, Balinese garden or on the coast of France. Choose where to go! We offer a choice of aromatherapy oils!

      • Spa Music
      • Light Therapy
      • Tea with fresh mint and oriental sweets, as a compliment

Price spa ritual – 115 €
Special offer Spa ritual for two – 195 €