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Spa program “Chocolate Shake“

“Chocolate” – first of all is the memories from our childhood, when we wanted to get into chocolate country and with a head dive headlong into the chocolate. Now we have a real opportunity to realize their desires! Everyone can get rid of the endless stress and treat yourself to a warm, pleasant melting chocolate! This is an exotic treatment with amazing cosmetic effect, which is based on a unique ability of cocoa, chocolate contemplate basis.
You breathe in the delicious aroma of chocolate and this hugs and rejuvenates and nourishes your skin, eliminates toxins, has a tonic and anti-stress effect.

  • Chocolate is a natural exfoliating gommage

    On the basis of dark chocolate and cocoa butter will produce soft skin cleansing and promote active nutrition and hydration.

  • Chocolate wrap

    You are immersed in a warm cocoon, where a thick warm chocolate, which contains large quantities of magnesium, anti-stress element, the maximum muscle tension and gives the elasticity of your skin, leaving the body scent of chocolate.

  • Chocolate massage

    Is the most relaxing, sensitive (and perhaps sensible) massage available: the immersive and physically at the level of consciousness. Chocolate massage is based on almond oil, the skin becomes silky, smooth and gets nice and smooth tone. Thanks to the magical smell of sweet life, massage, lift your spirits and recharge your batteries!

  • Facial Chocolate Care

    A powerful anti-stress effect, through the use of plasticizer chocolate mask, combined with the healing properties of chocolate and seaweed. The active ingredients will remove muscle tension, smooth and tuck the skin. The procedure is recommended for skin under stress, as well as to eliminate the signs of aging and maintain youthful skin.

  • Spa Music
  • Light Therapy
  • Tea from fresh mint and a chocolate bar as a compliment

Duration: 2h 30 min
Price – 110 €