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Narva mnt 59, Tallinn – Vaata kaarti

Spa-Ritual “The shining”

Service for women and men
Duration: 75 min

Ritual offers an unforgettable adventure-journey into the heart of Marrakech. Invitation to a dream. At each stage you will know the new feelings and discover new smells. You feel delighted, relaxed, his face becomes fresh and radiant, and her feelings are in trance. Our goals – improving the color and radiance of a person, preventing premature aging, wrinkles, nutrition and hydration.

    • The ritual of relaxation

      Push, the slow movement from the legs to the hips, then moves up and ends up on their shoulders.

    • Peeling and deep nourishment of hand

      Moroccan peeling orange, nourishing mask (warm compresses), relaxing hand massage.

    • Face, neck, chest area, make-up remover, easy peeling on the basis of Russula (Moroccan clay), deep, relaxing massage of face, neck and décolleté area to the elixir Argand (composition of argan-oil-the “golden elixir” of Morocco, Essential Oil Moroccan Rose) high concentration of fatty acids that restore, stimulate cell renewal and nourishes the skin with oxygen. Moroccan mask contains a combination of natural oils lignum and seaweed. Specially formulated for dry, mature and sensitive skin. Returns elasticity, tone, elasticity. Lifting effect is combined with deep moisture and nourishment.

      • Spa Music
      • Light Therapy
      • Tea with fresh mint and oriental sweets, as a compliment

Price spa ritual – 51 €
Special offer Spa ritual for two – 86 €