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Narva mnt 59, Tallinn – Vaata kaarti

Spa-Ritual “Hands of Heaven”

Service for women and men
Duration: 150 min

The delicate and subtle aromas of massage oils combined with massage. Motivation for creativity, the removal of nervous tension and irritability, fatigue, weight loss, increase efficiency, improve memory, stimulate creative and logical thinking, the development of intuition and making optimism. A glimpse into the door and discover the area which will cause you to fall under the charm of the east.

    • Steaming in the sauna

      Steaming in the sauna with aromatic herbs and fruit infusions.

    • Exfoliation

      Black eucalyptus soap on the hot marble – is the main element of tradition hammam. After a stay in the sauna pores open, it helps to prepare your skin for deep cleansing using Kesse (glove). 100% a mixture of black olives and salt softens and moisturizes the skin.

    • Foam Massage

      Large, airy cloud of foam, like a meter, quilt, cover with you on the toes to the crown .

    • Aromatic relaxing massage (tandem)

      The truth will be a luxurious gift tandem massage, four hands. Action is based, as a fascinating game of tactile sensations, movement, built on the contrast, you are stroking it stronger, softer and your body begins to “catch” the hands of masters. As a result, people lose their sense of space, it seems that it hovers in the air and his body has lost the physical weight.

    • Hiro massage techniques Enrique Garcia

      Technique solves complex problems of the physiological and aesthetic character. Due to the complex influence of technique achieved an anti-stress effect:

      • Mimic wrinkles disappear
      • Reduction of muscle spasticity
      • Of excess fluid
      • Restored the elasticity of tissues
      • Combats age-related changes
      • Combats stresses

Hiro-massage – this unique technique in the care of skin. Solved problems of varying degrees: from the restoration oval face, to rosaceous.

      • Spa Music
      • Light Therapy
      • Tea with fresh mint and oriental sweets, as a compliment

Price spa ritual – 130 €
Special offer Spa ritual for two – 230 €