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Spa program “Weekend for mom”

Service for women
This luxurious spa program, wrapped with love and care, a gift to beloved mother. This excellent, comprehensive care for our mothers would not only relax, rest, or even give a nap, but to return the body tone, refresh the body, skin looks well-groomed and healthy, and put thoughts and feelings in order!

  • Steaming in the sauna

    Steaming in the sauna with aromatic herbs and fruit infusions.

  • Gommage on a hot marble

    Salt of the earth and sea, which includes an extract from brown algae (Laminaria) and Moroccan mud of volcanic origin, used as a peeling, effectively exfoliate dead cells of the surface layer of the epidermis, while enriching the skin with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

  • Aroma massage

    The entire body, including foot massage and scalp with a choice of aroma compositions (for stress relief, relaxation, stimulation, harmonization). During the procedure, caring hands massage gently, distributing essential oils for your desired areas on the body.

  • A relaxing facial massage

    The beautiful moments of relaxation with warm oil, can be obtained by relaxing facial massage. The procedure also includes the correction and coloring eyebrows.

  • Pedicure

    Your feet will feel an extraordinary ease, and you will experience an exceptional delight of feeling that you are flying on wings! The treatment includes nail polish remover, nail treatment roll and stop, nail polishing.

  • Manicure

    Pamper yourself, indulge your hands and tremendous beauty care. The procedure includes the removal of varnish, classic manicure, nail polishing.

  • Styling Hair

    Your hair will not be ignored either (Wash head and make an elegant styling).

  • Spa Music
  • Light Therapy

Duration: 5 hours

Price – 210 €