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Spa Program “Sea Breeze”


The sea breeze and sounds enchantingly mysterious. In it you can hear gentle breathing breeze and the rustle of coastal waves. The sea-cradle for millions of life forms. The sea “knows” better, how to animate us, when we feel bad. All the useful elements of sea water are concentrated in the cells of marine algae, which are the real factory of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Thalasso-therapy is used to solve the major aesthetic problems, such as figure correction, toning the skin, stress, improving microcirculation, restoration of health and beauty.

Steaming in the sauna with aromatic herbs and fruit infusions.

    • Gommage

      On a hot marble- salt of the earth and sea, which includes an extract from brown algae (Laminaria) and Moroccan mud of volcanic origin, used as a peeling, effectively exfoliate dead cells of the surface layer of the epidermis, while enriching the skin with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

    • Thalasso Seaweed wraps

      Wraps help eliminate cellulite, effectively displays the excess fluid, toxins, enriches the body with minerals, vitamins and traces elements contained in the fucus. Fucus extract stimulates the synthesis of active components of vitamin D and sex hormones, increasing the action of active ingredients used for weight loss.

    • Massage

      Except for the remarkable range of sensations of touch and pleasure, relaxing massage brings another great benefit to your health and psychological state.

    • Alginate Facial

      Make-up remover soft, creamy peeling from grape seed gently removes dirt and dead cells. Arnica extract softens the skin, helps restore skin health, radiance and elasticity. Modeling massage. The mask is a pale pink color with a slight aroma. Thanks to constituent of grape pomace, the mask helps the skin to effectively fight the signs of aging, provides a stunning smoothing, rejuvenating effect.

      • Spa Music
      • Light Therapy
      • Spa lunch (tea ceremony with dried fruit)

Duration: 150 min
Price – 110 €