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Classic massages

Classic massage

Massage using five basic techniques (strokes, vibration, rubbing, kneading, squeezing). The method is aimed at strengthening the whole body, relieve tension and ease tired muscles.
Duration: 60 min – 40 €
Duration: 90 min – 55 €

Sports massage

Used to improve the physical capabilities of people involved in sports, is the integral part of training, preparing the well to sports in relief from stress and physical fatigue after them.
Duration: 60 min – 50 €
Duration: 90 min – 65 €

Massage for children (age 7 to 13)

Wellness Massage – in addition to pleasant emotions provides therapeutic and prophylactic effect, promotes physical and mental development of the child.
Duration: 40 min – 25 €

Honey massage

Massage intensely cleanses the skin, increases blood flow and respiration through the skin. Honey, deeply penetrating into the surface tissue of the body, absorbs the accumulated slag, as a result of the procedure increases skin turgor and elasticity, and it dissolves body fat.
Duration: 30 min – 24 €
Duration: 60 min – 41 €

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage activates blood microcirculation and eliminates excess liquid and fat from the problem zones, reduces visible symptoms of cellulite and perfectly shapes body contour.
Massage technique based on the principles of compatibility and consistency of the action of various techniques (lymphatic drainage, honey, cupping, anti-cellulite.)
Duration: 30 min – 30 €
Duration: 60 min – 49 €
Duration: 90 min – 65 €

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Lymphatic massage or lymph drainage massage is a technique used to help increase lymph flow. Increased lymph flow removes harmful substances from the tissues and increases immune function.Lymphatic massage can be useful in cases of edema, sports injury or for people experiencing a sluggish immune system or those suffering from a lack of energy.
Duration: 60 min – 50 €
Duration: 90 min – 65 €

Aroma massage

Full aromatherapy massage, from head to toe in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere with warm, oriental aromatic oil. Massage removes toxins muscles become elastic. At the same time is inhalation of oils, which reinforces the impact on the human limbic system that controls our mood.
Duration: 60 min – 45 €
Duration: 90 min – 60 €

Head massage

Head massage – one of the most enjoyable healing procedures, which has several advantages: it can run in any environment, the patient does not need to undress is not necessarily the use of oils, suitable for everyone: soothes infants and adolescents, relieves stress for managers, is useful for pregnant women, people with disabilities , for older people. Massage of the head returns fortress, strength and youth. This is not just a way of relaxation, but also an effective means of restoring the body. When an head massage effect on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders, in this case: a man immersed in a quiescent state, increases lymph flow and the body is cleansed of toxins, improves immune system function, vanish adhesions and thickening of the muscles, relieve tension, stimulate nerve endings, which reduces muscle pain and fatigue. Head massage promotes hair growth, relieves migraine attacks, helps get rid of insomnia.
Duration: 20 min – 20 €

Back massage

The greatest pleasure in a person receives a massage from the back massage.
Massage will increase the tone of the nervous system, increase blood circulation, and relieve pain and sensation of numbness, swelling and harmonization of the internal organs.
Duration: 30 min – 30 €