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Thai Reflexology foot massage

Foot massage, also known as accupuncture has its roots deep in Taoist China. The accupressure points the soles of feet incorporate with certain areas of the body. If some points are in pain during the massage it means that certain body areas are suffering of some kind of health problem. The foot massage is a therapeutic treatment method to treat a whole range of diseases and also to relieve pain.
Duration: 45 min – 38 €
Duration: 60 min – 43 €

Thai Traditional massage

Thai massage is an ancient art based on Aurveda medicine, Buddhist practice and yoga. Thai massage combines techniques of energy impact, deep massage of muscles and tendons, manual therapy and “passive” yoga. Thai massage ensures strong health-improving and tone-increasing effect on all body systems, harmonize physical and emotional condition. Massage master will thoroughly work at every muscle of the body from the tips of your toes to the head, acting on biologically active points having reflex-mediated connection to the internal organs and functional systems of the body. Thai massage is performed on a special massage floor-mat .
Duration: 60 min – 43 €
Duration: 90 min – 57 €

Thai Aroma massage

Oil massage will be done according to need or preference with either specially aroma oil . As a result, the circulatory system will be stimulated, relieving muscular pain in addition to recovering skin elasticity. The essential part of oil massage is stress relief and the restoration of functional nervous activity.
In particular with muscular pains, inflammations and similar complaints the enormously good effect of the massage is undisputed.
Duration: 60 min – 45 €
Duration: 90 min – 55 €