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Spa program “Orient Express”

Duration: 120 min

The program aims at bringing the body into a state of equilibrium and harmony. In Thai massage the entire body is worked out: from the toes, where are concentrated a lot of points corresponding to different organs and systems, to the top of the head. Quality Thai massage is a ritual of bringing the Good in each patient. You will enjoy peace and freedom of his body on the rhythm of the city.

  • Thai foot massage
  • Thai traditional massage or Thai aroma oil massage
  • Thai head massage
    • Thai foot massage

      We have, unfortunately, not taken care of their feet as, say, for the hands or face. And the foot massage is not as popular as in the East. Maybe because we just do not know how it positively affects the entire body and what fun it is! This massage – the ultimate tool for relieving stress, unblock nerve pathways and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Master carefully works out all the vital points of your foot from heel to toe and activates all the energy channels.
      This massage is done in a special chair with Thai balm.

    • Thai traditional massage

      Traditional Thai massage – the most popular in the Kingdom of Thailand. This type of massage inThai is called wellness. Its main objective is to bring the body into a state of equilibrium and harmony, and consequently, to its recovery. Healing hands of the master will dip you in the unique world of the eastern healing. The session takes place on a special material, as they say masseuses “on earth.” Contact with the ground – this is an important element of traditional Thai massage. Prepare to feel that everything that happens to you in future will be quite unlike the massage in our understanding. Every cell in your body will be carefully designed by the master. The main reception – Squeezing your fingers, hands, arms, elbows, knees and entire body. Stretching and straightening, reminiscent of yoga, may seem like a bit strained. Do not worry, you will find physical and emotional rejuvenation of the body: your spine and muscles will become flexible, and your thoughts clear.


    • Thai aroma oil massage

      This type of massage – a charming mix of muscular, acupressure, gentle manual therapy and extraordinary tenderness of hands. Whole body is massaged with aromatherapy oils. A special emotion gives the contrast of temperatures and properties of oils. One of them is heated, and the other, on the contrary, is cooled, in the end people have some sort of symbiosis between the fire and flames, which are opposed to each other, and then slowly flow from one to another state. The wealth of experience and depth updates an emotional man, this massage can be compared to a real theater tactile sensations. After the game feeling here is due not only competently built the physical effects on the human body. Contrast oils being constructed and the difference in their impact on the psyche. Lavender, for example, soothes, pacifies. But it is enough to mix it with some new, unfamiliar odor and the client is experiencing a unique outburst of joy, surprise or sudden newly found sense of harmony.


Duration: 120 min

Price – 90 €