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Ericson Laboratoire
Ericson Laboratoire Multi-Therapy Concept

Based on a concern for fast-acting effectiveness, our “non-surgical” Beauty Concept is intended for women who are seeking a genuine face or body skin care method that gives visible and long-lasting results, without recourse to a medical procedure of any kind.
What are our major assets?
Scientific, innovative, highly performing cosmetics:
Developed by scientists, the active ingredients we use are all very high tech: “frozen cellular extracts, Bio Tech enzymes, third-generation liposomes, highly polymerized DNA, Thymuline, energy booster GP4G, Phyto-hormones to rebalance the moisture or sebum content, anti-wrinkle ingredient, lipid-blocking protein, etc. All those performing molecules show an amazing innovation in our skin care products.


A concentrate of technologies from the very latest advances in Neurocosmetics, the professional Sensitive PRO treatment enables deactivating the link between harmful internal/external factors and their manifestations on the skin.
This treatment acts directly on the interactions between the skin and the nervous system in order to lower the level of cutaneous stress thanks to a two-way action:
- An “anti- stress” effect on nerve endings via a reduction in the release of inflammatory neuro mediators.
- A “pain-relief” effect stimulating the secretion of endorphins with their well-known soothing action. the skin thus increases its tolerance threshold and regains its original well-being.
Duration: 75 min – 57 €


Directly inspired by aesthetic medicine, MESO-VIT is a salon treatment with a « Meso-like » effect. Perfectly suited to skin that has become sensitive after a beauty procedure, MESO-VIT optimises and prolongs the results obtained in the clinic by activating the various mechanisms of the skin: cell regeneration, rebuilding of the tissues, strengthening of the natural defences and reduced skin reactivity.
The MESO-VIT Treatment claims 3 effects:
1. A “Meso-Like” Effect: by combining, in an original way, the action of nano-particles of a very light molecular weight and very strong absorption capabilities, with two technical tools, the SKINJECTOR and the MICRO-PICK. You obtain a professional non-invasive Treatment that mimics the micro-injections carried out in Mesotherapy.
2. A “Meso-Care” Effect: the new nano-particles used have shown a particularly interesting calming, softening and healing effect as a complementary post-injection treatment to sessions of medical mesotherapy, enabling to prevent inflammation.
3. A “Vitamin-Booster” Effect: thanks to a supply of 3 Vitamins (Vit A, Vit C and Vit E), renowned for their skin correction properties: regenerating, lightening and protective. The effectiveness of each vitamin Is strengthened by the “skinjection”, effect, i.e. a more in-depth, thus more powerful action.
- Stimulates dermal synthesis.
- Activates tissue repair.
- Revitalises and firms.
- Strenghthens the skin’s defences.

Duration: 90 min - 63 €



Our face is made up of muscles and sub-cutaneous fats, the amount of which varies depending on the individual. As time goes by, these sub-cutaneous fats move beneath the skin down to the lower face and neck. Some women become dissatisfied with the shape of their face and elect to have a surgical operation performed to correct it. We would like to offer those women the chance to delay or even avoid such a radical solution.

Due to a brand new “no surgical” treatment we will completely restructure the face oval by associating 2 contrary effects.

1st stage: both MORPHO FILL MASK + MORPHO FILL SERUM exert a very special action. Their plumping up effect enables filling the hollow zones as well as wrinkles. Original, the introduction of hyaluronic acid into this concentrated formula enables refilling cutaneous tissues and smoothing localized wrinkles (eye contour, wrinkles of the forehead, etc.).
2nd stage: the duo MORPHO SLIM MASK + MORPHO SLIM SERUM is astonishing due to its localized action on cheeks and neck, which allows to reshape the facial contours. An obvious firming action can be observed on slackened zones.

CORALLINE: red seaweed extract, providing a contouring and firming effect.
LINEFACTOR: stimulates skin elasticity.
TRITISOL: wheat proteins, strong skin-tightening, cell regenerating effect

Duration: 90 min – 75 €