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Ericson body treatments


Energizing, slimming body treatment
The ideal treatment for regaining body tone, used here under the form of wraps, algae give excellent results on generalized excess weight. Recommended for those who are tired and weary, lacking energy, when the body or mind cannot keep up the pace. Reviving and invigorating, this treatment rapidly provides a feeling of well-being. Tiredness gently melts away, body tone returns and the psyche is restored. As an occasional tonic, or as a long-term therapy, this treatment gives the body a real boost.
Duration: 120 min – 60 €
4 times – 228 €
6 times – 324 €


1st step to fight cellulite
A high-precision remodelling treatment which combats fat deep down and smoothes surface cellulite.
A complete slimming treatment, CELLULIT’VIB is the new SHOCK TREATMENT with “ULTRASOUND-LIKE” EFFECT. It takes its inspiration directly from adipocyte lysis practiced in aesthetic medicine to fight excess fat and cellulite.

Slimming performance in three methods:

  • Detachment of adipocytes
  • Burning the fatty acids released
  • rasvade põletamine
  • Draining the waste

Duration: 120 min – 60 €
4 times – 228 €
6 times – 324 €